CURO - Accounting + Analysis = Value

Management Support

  • Process Improvement

  • Someone to ‘bounce idea off of’

  • Developing budgets & forecasts

  • Financing

  • Business analysis – what’s working and what’s  not

  • Employee development – how to get the most of your team

  • Team building & strategic planning

  • Temporary Fill-In Manager or Executive Director

  • Liaise with Government Departments & Funders

  • Training

“You were very patient as you brought me up to speed and continued to persevere through many obstacles and roadblocks.” 
Esther Lockart, Assistant Vice President, AmeriCredit Financial Services

“The original weekly schedule took us 6 hours.  You brought it down to  1 hour and enabled us to respond to changes.” 
Lisa Badder, Manufacturing Scheduler, Belden Wire & Cable

“. . . demonstrates good instincts and communication skills.”
Wayne McLeish, President & CEO, DRN Commerce

“Senior leadership team often sought Sue’s input and advice on critical issues as  we knew she would tell us the truth rather than what we wanted to hear.”
Patricia Scherer, Continuous Improvement Manager, Belden Wire & Cable.”

“Extremely responsive to the needs of leadership”
Michael Allman, Vice President, AmeriCredit Financial Services